Clubs and Activities




At Wateringbury CE Primary School, we believe in the value of a happy, Christian community in which all of us recognise the part each plays for the greater good of the school.  Extra-curricular clubs are an integral part of school life and enable adults and children to come together in ways that build trust, respect and a sense of accomplishement.  We encourage our children with praise and acknowledgement of effort; in doing so, we create an environment in which everyone can develop talents and interests.  At the moment, the school has 180 children participating in extra-curricular activities, over 3/4 of the school!!!

In addition to the many clubs shown below, children in Years 5 and 6 lead lunchtime clubs for the younger pupils. 


Below is a timetable of all the clubs offered by the school




After school


Street Dance (Yrs 2-6)



Cookery Club (Yrs 5-6)

Homework Club (Yrs 5-6)

Netball Club (Yrs 3-6)

Athletics/Running Club (Yrs 4-6)


 Gymnastics (Yrs 1-6)

Chess (Yrs 3-6)

Gardening (Yr 3)

Shakespeare Book Club (Yrs 3-6)

Code Club (Yrs 4-6)

Gardening (Yrs 1-6)


Active Play (Yrs 1-6)

 Leading Lights (Yrs 5-6) Morning Playtime

Craft & Sewing (Yrs 3-6)

Creative Writing Club (Yrs 5-6)

Football (Yrs 1-3)


Judo (Yrs 1-6)

Yoga Club (Yrs 4-6)


Film Makers Club (Yrs 4-6)

JAM Club (Yrs 1-6)

Strings (Yrs 3-6)


Orchestra (Yrs 1-6)

Football (Yrs 5-6)

Spanish (Yrs 3-6)

Tag Rugby (Yrs 1-6)

Gymnastics (Yrs 1-6)