Through our computing curriculum we hope to give pupils the skills and confidence to work with a range of programmes developing logical thinking alongside creativity and a solid understanding of key technology skills.

Where possible tasks will be linked with other topics so that children can make links and have a clearer purpose of what they are trying to achieve.  Children start each new topic with a lesson about internet safety, which we believe is very important for children in our digital world.

We focus on the three key areas:

  • Computer Science: pupils are taught the principles of information and computation, and how digital systems work
  • IT: Pupils are taught to create programs and systems and to use a range of media
  • Digital Literacy: pupils develop their ideas through information communication technology


Wateringbury Computing curriculum plan 2016-17


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Year 1

Basic Computer Skills

We are painters

Illustrating an eBook

We are TV chefs

Filming the steps of a recipe

We are celebrating

Creating a card electronically

We are collectors

Finding images using the web

We are treasure hunters

Using programmable toys

Year 2

We are photographers

Taking, selecting and editing digital images

We are zoologists

Recording bug hunt data

We are astronauts

Programming on screen

We are researchers

Researching a topic

We are detectives

Communicating clues

We are games testers

Exploring how computer games work

Year 3

We are animators

Programming an animation

We are bug fixers

Finding and correcting bugs in programs

We are presenters

Videoing performance

We are network engineers

Exploring computer networks, including the internet

We are communicators

Communicating safely on the internet

We are opinion pollsters

Collecting and analysing data

Year 4

We are software developers

Developing a simple educational game

We are toy designers

Prototyping an interactive toy

We are musicians

Producing digital music

We are HTML editors

Editing and writing HTML

We are co-authors

Producing a wiki

We are meteorologists

Presenting the weather

Year 5

We are game developers

Developing an interactive game

We are cryptographers

Cracking codes

We are artists

Fusing geometry and art

We are bloggers

Sharing experiences and opinions

 We are architects

Creating a virtual space

We are web developers

Creating a web page about cyber safety

Year 6

Digital literacy

(presentation and layout  skills)



(Espresso, including Hour of Code challenge)

We are app planners

Planning the creation of a mobile app

We are interface designers

Designing an interface for an app

We are app developers

Developing a simple mobile phone app

We are marketers

Creating video and web copy for a mobile phone app