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Pupil Voice


We are so proud of our pupils at Wateringbury CEP School and encourage them to take an equal pride in their school.

As well as child-led learning in all the classes, there are many leadership roles for children in school. The older pupils can apply to be castle (house) captains, prefects, head pupils and play leaders.

Being a church school, we also have spiritual leaders called Leading Lights in each class who plan and deliver worship for the whole school and in church. 

Positivity Prefects are a new role created by some of our children who recognise kindness and people who go above and beyond. 

The family ethos of our school leads itself to natural leadership roles with the older children organising clubs for their younger peers as well as reading with them and helping on the playground with games.

Our more formal vehicle for pupil voice is our School Council with elected representatives from each class. The school council work with the leadership team in the school to bring about change or represent the views of their classmates.