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Support for Families

Please make sure that you share any issues that are affecting your family with your child's teacher so that we can support your child in school.

All members of school staff are happy to help you and your family but for more expert advice you may prefer to speak to our FLO, Mrs Henry.

This is our provision map for support:

The links below may also help provide information for you.

Talking to children about the war in Ukraine

As adults, we are often shocked by the horrific and repeated images in the media, children are also exposed to these images, either directly or sublimely, and open and honest conversations can promote understanding and decrease children’s anxiety.

Advice for adults talking to children

How to talk to children about war – tips from a psychologist and counsellor.

News videos to watch and discuss safely with children.

Advice if you are feeling upset or worried by the news.

Young Minds - Tips for talking to young people about the conflict in Ukraine and difficult news stories.

A blog, detailing ways to support children when having conversations about conflict and war.

Department for Education – help and advice for families to talk about the conflict in Ukraine.

Support for single parent families

A couple of charities supporting single parenting, with lots of advice and tools


Support for dyslexia

A couple of useful websites for more information on dyslexia

Mental health & wellbeing (inc. CAMHS)

A lovely collection of videos on a variety of topics

Child and Adolescents Mental Health Services - CAMHS

Specialist CAMHS services are available to children and young people who have severe, complex and enduring emotional/behavioural/mental health difficulties. Specialist CAMHS will accept referrals of children and young people whose symptoms or distress and degree of social and/or functional impairment are severe.

Local support services